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Smart Raw Eating

Hello, I am the writer. My books are devoted to healthy food preparation. So I keep in touch with many of the 50,000 readers of my books. This provides a lot of information for reflection. So I can evaluate raw food diet from a very general perspective.The first year of raw food diet is honey. Suspicions appear in the third year. Five years later, many have health problems. Only 5% of raw foodists reach seven years of their diet.After analyzing the difficulties that readers reported to me, I made a list of recommendations that formed the basis of the so-called “smart raw food diet”.

I. The Main Principles of Smart Raw Diet

You will probably find some things obvious. But I’ll mention them anyway, because everyone knows, but few people use them.

1) If you are a raw foodist, but you buy vegetables and fruits in a regular supermarket, then you are very at risk. For those who eat one tomato per day, a small dose of pesticides and herbicides is not fatal. But when you eat three kilograms a day, you will kill your intestines and liver very quickly. I know raw foodists who came to cancer this way. A raw diet must necessarily be ORGANIC!

2) Calorie requirements must be met. Less than 2000 kcal per day will make your death comfortable and inconspicuous. Because a raw food diet often turns into latent fasting. But starving your whole life will not work - degeneration will begin inevitably.

3) It is imperative to balance the diet with amino acids. At least for lysine and threonine. Lysine deficiency causes a special type of vegetarian liver cirrhosis.

4) Mineral balance is also needed. You can use nutritional supplements. And you can also take ashes, which is obtained by burning cakes remaining after squeezing the juice. Unfortunately, many raw foodists have too much potassium in their diet. Potassium is an element of fire. It contributes to the development of inflammation. But if it is too much, it causes ulcers in the duodenum.

5) A separate word about proteins. Less than 30 grams of protein per day leads to degeneration of the pancreas and kidneys. We lose the ability to produce albumin, and toxins from the cells are not eliminated. What does this lead to? You know the answer: enzyme deficiency and cancer. You can consume little protein only if you meditate for 8-10 hours a day. Then the body goes into another mode. People with an "o" blood group are especially sensitive to the lack of proteins.

6) Another topic is fructose. Too much fructose! It is absorbed only by the liver, and if you eat a lot of ripe sweet fruits, the liver is systematically overloaded. Fructose is absorbed by almost the same metabolic pathway as alcohol. Therefore, getting cirrhosis with fructose is very easy.Let me stop for a moment with listing of problems. Everything written above is not my personal opinion. I just give you keywords by which you can quickly find on the Internet all the necessary exact data. Do not push me to scientifically prove it. I just give a leak of information, and nothing more.

II. Disbalance of the Vata dosha

According to Ayurveda, the excessive consumption of raw food takes this dosha out of balance. This is manifested primarily in dryness, lack of moisture in the body. Cracks appear on the mucous membranes. The assimilation of food is disrupted, and weight loss begins. This is good to a certain limit, after which dystrophy starts. A person becomes overly excited and cannot calm down in the evening. They are constantly freezing. Thinking becomes mechanical and scattered, unable to accept creative decisions. At the same time, irritability and aggressiveness increase. You begin to literally spray yourself around, wasting energy in vain. Ayurveda also claims that vata dosha is the door through which cancer enters.

With the imbalance of vata dosha, it is very important to deliver the energy of the two lower elements to the body - earth and water. In other words, minerals, proteins and fats are needed. But the presence of fire and ether must be reduced. That is, it is necessary to reduce to a reasonable amount of enzymes and essential oils. In this case, the enzymes really become "toxic"!

Unfortunately, the entire urban environment surrounding us and our business drive us into the Vata dosha and block out exits. Therefore, internal efforts alone are not enough (I mean, for example, meditation). We need a serious reconstruction of life circumstances, and above all, the "grounding" of food.

Some people try to find a compromise - a little bit raw, a little bit boiled. But trade-offs work poorly, and everyone understands this. Raw foods poorly nourish and overload the liver and pancreas. And boiled food contaminates the body with denatured substances.

That is why we tried to combine the advantages of raw and boiled food, while eliminating their shortcomings, by a radical solution - transforming food by enzymes in "hot" conditions. This way the HOT ENZYMATION method has appeared. You can read about it on the main page of this site.

III. How to Live Long on the Raw Food?

Is it possible to live on raw food for a long time, and what needs to be done for this?

This is possible, although very difficult. This is easier for people with AB blood type. And for those who have an “o” group, a long raw food diet can be dangerous.

Based on my experience and having studied the experience of thousands of other raw foodists, I come to the conclusion that a raw food diet is not a universal diet that can be offered to any person. This is an intermediate therapeutic diet, which is prescribed for 1-2 years, if there are indications for this. The main indication is cardiovascular problems due to overweight. A raw food diet is a comfortable hidden fasting. When excess weight is eliminated, you need to switch to a real, nutritious diet.

At the same time, for those who have problems with the head of the pancreas, a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, irritation of the intestines, a raw food diet is contraindicated.

Of course, we retain the raw food dishes in our new diet, which I conditionally call Smart Raw Eating. This is just a tribute to the habit of pronouncing the usual words. So a raw food diet is the science of salads! But there must also be basic, truly nutritious dishes that we want to take hot or warm. They should properly nourish the body, without clogging it with toxins. I know the only way to do this: through the Hot Enzymation (HE) method.

In its most general terms, Smart Raw Food Eating (and I now prefer another term - Diet Alchemy) unfolds like this.

Breakfast - hot infusions from dried fruits, and then porridge made from cereals using the Hot Enzymation method. Porridge should be seasoned with linseed or hemp oil, cold pressed. During the day, to compensate for the loss of glucose, 1-3 ripe fruit can be taken, and they should be accompanied with herbal infusions or green juices.

Lunch: a choleretic salad of raw vegetables with cold-pressed olive oil, then porridge from a mixture of HE legumes and HE grains, which should be prepared separately. But we can take them in one dish! Do not be afraid of incompatibility. Bean and grain HE dishes are perfectly compatible, this ceases to be a problem. Enzymes solve all problems during the preparation process.

Lunch: a small amount of green juices, porridge from cereals, alchemical cheeses (that's another saga).

Three meals a day. You just don’t want to eat more often. Such food saturates well, warms, gives joy. It nourishes the brain and enhances creative thinking. It is amazing that on this diet those who are overweight lose it, and those who are exhausted regain their normal weight. Because the regulation of appetite is turned on, and you eat as much as you need, not more.

Short Term Raw Remission

In conclusion I would like to touch on a sensitive topic: to what extent can a raw diet be suitable for cancer patients? The answer is disappointing. All successful cancer healers, including Dr. Gerson and Dr. Kelly, said that such patients are strictly prohibited from starvation, and their diet should be sufficiently nutritious and well absorbed. A raw food diet obviously does not satisfy these requirements. The patients are unable to assimilate nutrients front ha raw food, they lose the weight and strength to struggle. They definitely need real nutrition, and Hot Enzymation is the best approach I know up to date.

Some, strong enough and as a rule young people, managed to overcome cancer with the help of a raw diet. However, experienced healers working with many people tell us that raw food is always a temporary measure. It gives a short burst of well-being, followed by a recession. I will refer to doctors Gerson, Kelly and Gonzales. For a better understanding of the long-term impact of raw food on the human body, please read Edward Howell's book Enzyme Nutrition.

It’s important for us not just to defeat cancer right now (which is of course very important). We need its shadow to leave our life forever. Unfortunately, those who have achieved short-term success and have loudly announced this on the networks do not report their disappointments when their remission ends. This creates the misconception that simple one-step approaches solve the problem.

For this purpose, I described my dietary quest - to give you a complete vision of the problem.