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New Incarnation of Sattvic Food

The Vedic scriptures, as well as modern spiritual teachers emphasize the importance of eating sattvic food. Such food nourishes the body well, without creating pollution that is difficult to excrete. It heals, calms and enlightens the senses and the mind, nourishes creativity and spiritual development.

Unfortunately, at present, the culture of cooking sattwic food is largely lost. Is it possible to call dishes prepared with boiling oil as sattwic food? They should be attributed rather to tamas and rajas.

Therefore, for our century, it is imperative to recreate a new embodiment of sattvic food, which will help us make another evolutionary breakthrough. We should try to use modern technology, not opposing it and spirituality, but connecting and intertwining them.

The use of a variety of enzymes for cooking opens up great opportunities along the way. These carriers of natural life perfectly prepare food instead of fire and boiling oil, but at the same time they do not destroy and do not denature it, preserving all vitamins and biologically active substances. In order for this process to proceed quickly, it is necessary to create conditions for enzymes that are most favorable for their work: it is necessary to establish the optimum temperature and acidity of the medium. Then you can cook real sattvic dishes in an ordinary kitchen, in about one to three hours. Under such conditions, bacteria, yeast and mold will not have time to develop and spoil the nutritional properties of food.

The dishes turn actually sattvic! This is proved very easily: after their intake, joy comes, the mind clears up, and after half an hour spontaneous meditation begins. There is no need to fast in order to cleanse the body for spiritual practice – this food practically does not create slags.

In India, one of the traditional dishes of national cuisine is Khir – a dish made from rice with the addition of milk, cane sugar and spices. However, it is believed that mother Parvati was the best khir cooker, so Mahadev and Ganesh ate khir only from her hands.

In the memoirs of modern Saint Papaji we find an interesting episode. When Papaji went to the Himalayas, on the snowy slopes he met Parvati and Shiva, who gave him darshan and fed with amazing porridge. It looked like cereals boiled in milk with honey. So Papaji also managed to try this khir! 

And we also can prepare and taste such a dish! We will cook it with enzymes. It is done like this.

First, let’s steam the rice using a multicooker. Add 800 grams of water to 200 g of rice to the bowl, set the temperature to 85 degrees, and let it stand for two hours. During this time, rice is hydrolyzed and absorb all the water. In fact, we get ordinary boiled rice. Tasteless, creating cardiovascular problems, acidifying blood and increasing blood glucose. Even if seasoned with ghee and spices, it will still remain a difficult meal to absorb. And you have to wait 4-5 hours before you can sit in meditation.

We will not eat this rice right now, but we will continue the process of its transformation into real sattvic food. Let's cool it to a temperature of 50 degrees by simply placing the multicooker bowl in cold water. After that, pour 2-4 capsules of universal digestive enzymes into the bowl. Mix well with a wooden spatula. Already in the process of mixing, it will be noticeable that under the action of enzymes, almost dry rice begins to give off water – rice begins to shine.

After that, return the bowl to the multicooker and put the following heating program:

55 C (30 min) 65 C (30 min) 72 C (30 min)


131 F (30 min) 149 F (30 min) 162 F (30 min)

According to this program, for each temperature value the porridge will be kept for thirty minutes.

Upon completion of this program, we will find that the rice porridge has turned into a thick and sweet rice soup! It tastes like rice was cooked in milk with honey. These flavors are the sattvic essence of rice manifested by enzymes. We don’t even need any seasonings. You might want to add some salt and flaxseed oil.

Even going to meditate, we can afford a good portion of such a khir! It will not cause a noticeable increase in glucose in the blood, it will not extinguish awareness, but it will warm well and raise energy to the head.