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Petty Tricks of Healing

Until now, the most reliable method of healing cancer was deep meditation, and Dr. Ainslie Meares from Australia explained in detail how to do this.

His patients meditated for 2 hours in the morning and one hour in the evening and took a small number of dietary supplements. And any type of cancer resolved quickly, in a couple of months. When a patient returned to his normal life, cancer often returned back! For any sane person, this is a clear signal of what the causes of cancer are and how to work with them. Everything else is petty tricks, which in themselves are worthless.

But they can help if a person has taken the right path. The first serious step to be taken is to look at yourself and your character traits as if from the outside of personality. This is real Door to Truth.By the way, such yoga does not require faith and does not contradict science. You do something and immediately honestly and openly evaluate the result.