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My Diet – Short Summary

Now I would like to briefly outline the diet that I chose for myself, based on my oncological background.

Raw organic food is used only in the form of juices. Since juices, especially fruit and herbal ones, noticeably dry and irritate the intestines, they must be alternated with the use of semi-liquid HE (Hot Enzymated) porridges. Juices bring vitamins and enzymes, and therefore kindle metabolic fire. HE porridge calms, lubricates and nourishes without leaving food for unfriendly microorganisms. It is also important that HE dishes are composed of glucose polymers, which compensates for the fructose overload on the liver.

A close approach was used by Drs. Gerson and Kelly. Enhanced intake of enzymes in their diets was always accompanied by emollients, which, however, were prepared either by prolonged boiling (Dr. Gerson, Hippocrates soup), or by even longer heating under the boiling point (Dr. Kelly). According to my observations, Hippocrates soup has a bad effect on the liver, and Kelly's dishes are harmless enough, but it is very difficult to force yourself to eat them for a long time – they are not tasty.

Before any meal, I always take a choleretic salad, which should simultaneously contain green and non-starchy vegetables, and also a small amount of fruits. As for starchy vegetables, I prepare them using the HE method.