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Fruit Diet

Fruits are actually great food when you need to boost a person’s creativity. Fruits help burn accumulated bodily strength. Fruit is the wind in which the candle of our life burns. However, the centuries-old experience of traditional cultures proves that people could live no more than 5-7 years in the Van Prastha regime (i.e. raw food diet on herbs and fruits). In India, it was customary for the head of the family to leave for the forest after 60 years. This, in particular, helped solve social problems. A small number of such hermits reached enlightenment, while the rest quickly died.

Modern Frutorians take a very big risk. They quickly waste their strength in the city, and spiritual goals remain in the background. It turns out that the candle melts and does not give flame.

Organic fruits are a great part of the diet. But not the diet itself! It is too early for us to become like those saints who lived on fruit. First you need to build your character, achieve harmony, awaken internal forces, and then the body itself will tell you when to switch to fruits.

Fruits are good during the flu or other serious illness, as well as at the beginning of recovery. During creative flashes, eating fruit is also good. But then it is imperative to switch to a basic, nutritious diet, which does not necessarily have to consist of boiled food. It is more useful to prepare food with the help of enzymes.