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Coronavirus, Systemic Enzymotherapy andHot Enzymation

A new opportunity is opening up to neutralize coronavirus at the prophylactic stage or at the very beginning of its penetration into the human body.

It is time to recall the unique (but undeservedly forgotten) book written by Max Wolf and Karl Ransberger, which is called Enzyme-Therapy and also see this link.

I would like to briefly recount some of ideas of this book.

The chapter “Viral Diseases and Enzymotherapy” describes that viruses of any nature have a protein membrane by which they attach to the host cell. This shell has no means of protection from proteolytic enzymes. For example, trypsin or chymotrypsin can simply digest free viruses, like ordinary protein particles. However, after the penetration of the virus into the host cell, the cell enzyme inhibitors start to protect the virus. But even at this stage, the use of systemic enzyme therapy greatly facilitates the treatment of viral diseases, including pulmonary infections, since enzymes dissolve exudates and help cleanse tissues.

Overload of the digestive system with hardly digestible food, characteristic of our time, does not allow the enzyme mechanism of our body to effectively fight viruses at the stage of their penetration. Therefore, it is necessary to saturate the body with enzymes taken from the outside, that is, to carry out enzyme therapy. In principle, this can be done according to the same scheme as in the treatment of cancer with enzymes, according to the method of Dr. William Donald Kelly (see for example this link). Fortunately, system enzymes are currently sold in many online stores and are readily available.

Naturally, our own pancreas must also be freed from the waste of its enzymes. Therefore, if there is a danger of a viral infection, it is necessary to prepare food using external enzymes in a pan, giving them the opportunity to decompose complex starches and proteins. This is neither raw food diet, nor a heat treatment! This is a Hot Enzymation method that I have described in detail on this site, as well as in the eBook Food for Kings. The foundations of this method were laid down by Dr. Edward Howell in his book Enzyme Nutrition.

Food prepared using this method is surprisingly aromatic, tasty and easy to digest. It does not contain difficult to digest substances and slags. Such food can enhance the biological potential of a person and help to resist viral infection both at the stage of infection and after it.