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How I Have Found Ideal Anti-Cancer Diet

1. My story has been going on for 26 years. Cancer surgery made me disabled. My liver almost stopped working. The intestinal motility ceased, and I had to "milk" the guts with my hands so that there was movement. I could not eat any boiled food - all of it turned into gases. For some time, raw food saved me, but soon problems arose with it also. The intestines became irritated and ulcers appeared in the duodenum. I began to die again, now from hunger. I lost 15 kilograms. And then only I read Kelly's book "One Answer to Cancer", and then Howell's "Enzyme Nutrition". And finally I realized what to do. That was a few years ago.

I realized that the hopes of raw foodists that raw food will digest itself are untenable. At the temperature of the human body, plant enzymes work slowly, and it takes about a day for everything to happen. And we only have about an hour for gastric digestion.

And I realized: enzymes must work in a saucepan, in specially created conditions, in order to do their job in an hour. And for this the food will have to be ... warmed up! There are three “magic” temperatures in the range of 130-160F. And if you hit exactly the target, the enzymatic process goes like a hurricane.

2. I read a book by Wolfgang Künze on how beer is made. From it I learned that the enzyme alpha-amylase present in barley sprouts has an optimum temperature of 72C or 161F! And this is a very strong heating, really hot. It turned out that plant enzymes do not die when heated, on the contrary, they are activated. All brewers know this. But raw foodists do not know.

I took wheat sprouts, added some water, ground all that on a blender and put it in a dehydrator, setting the appropriate temperature. And began to try every ten minutes. After 50 minutes, the dough darkened and began to smell like cookies. And it tasted great also. I ate a small portion and started to wait. Half an hour - no gas. One hour has passed - there are no gases. I got hot, and joy came. It was an answer to my (and your) prayers.

Using the dehydrator turned out to be very inconvenient - the porridge quickly dried out. Enzymes cannot work without water. I began to try a blender-cooker, an electric stove, a car thermos and so on. In the end, I came to programmable multicookers. Ideally, if you can program 3-4 cooking steps, setting the temperature and duration for each.

3. At first I ate this porridge from wheat sprouts days and nights. I have quickly regained my normal weight (72 kg at 184 cm). And what was surprising: I did not feel the slightest presence of gluten in it! Usually it was enough for me to eat one wheat cookie to start a storm in the intestines. And here was a complete calm. I think that gluten thanks to enzymes was turned into peptides that only help the mucous lining.

Then I began to cook according to this scheme all cereals in a row: rye, buckwheat, oats, barley. And each time it turned out porridge with a new, amazing taste. Absolutely not like the one that is obtained with conventional cooking.

After that I went on to legumes, nuts, and mushrooms. With the help of enzymes, I learned how to make fat-free aged cheeses in two days. I should mention that I have an "o" blood type. And casein causes in me the same reactions as gluten. But the cheese prepared with enzymes, I can eat unlimitedly! At least 500 grams every day. True, it slows me down a little.

It remained to give this method a suitable name. I could not call it "hot fermentation", as traditionally the term "fermentation" means processing with lactobacilli. So I called it the HOT ENZYMATION (HE) method. This is not quite correct English, but everything is very clear.

Let me stop here. If you want more please ask me questions.

6. I often ask myself to what extent the Hot Enzymation method is suitable for feeding cancer patients. It's hard for me to draw conclusions now. I myself have been using this method for several years. And now my followers in Russia, there are several thousand of them, connected to the trials. So there is some experience, but no one has dealt with official statistics yet. And I speak with you as if in secret, giving a leak of information.

So far, no one has reported problems with the use of this method of nutrition. And really, how can someone be damaged by food prepared along the same paths that nature itself uses in the environment?Surprisingly, my followers include not only seriously ill people, but also those who are at the peak of their shape. And even meditating yogis! We even tried HE as baby food. Children throw snickers and eat our porridge!

In order not to write too long messages, I finish here and continue in the next one.

7. What is the HF food so surprising for us? First of all, it embodies the dreams of raw foodists that food will digest itself with its own enzymes. The truth is that this never happens if you just eat raw food. Just not enough time for that! We create the best conditions for enzymes instead under which they are maximally functional. That's why we are preparing food not in the stomach, but in a pan. Thus realizing this dream! Essentially, I just continued what Dr. Edward Howell did (see his Enzyme Nutrition).

It became clear to us that ideal food should not consist of amino acids and sugars. But also not of proteins and starches! The solution is that we bring the enzymation process to produce peptides and dextrins, and then stop. The rest will be done by the body itself. Although, in those rare cases when digestion does not work at all, you can transform the food even further and apply nutrition through an enema.

These amazing things happen: digestion at zero, but the person continues to live and gain weight!

I’ll also mention an important point. Gluten and casein are transformed by enzymes to peptides and therefore food becomes hypoallergenic. All these searches for a gluten-free diet are not needed. We can use simple cheap produce that can be easily found on the shelves of organic stores.