Here you can briefly get acquainted with my books published in Russian and Polish (paper editions):

Manifesto of Evolution (2005)

This book explains how to awaken an evolutionary state in your body and psyche.

The One Divine Self (2005)

In this book, computer science is combined with poetry in order to help the reader construct their human integrity and awake the divine Oneness.

Cook Book of Life (2011)

This is a collection of original recipes of natural nutrition created by the author. Most of these recipes came intuitively, during the author’s walks in the forest.

Absolute Healing (2013)

This book is useful for those who are struggling with serious disease. If you have tried everything but the disease is still there, you should open the sacred door and enter.

Smart Raw Diet (2013) and the Encyclopedia of Smart Raw Eating (2014)

Help to overcome the deadlocks of raw diets and make natural food rich and balanced. Unfortunately, now raw eating has become a kind of religion. People believe instead of knowing and testing. I simply resort to common sense and open a new way.

Consciousness – God of Atheists (2015) (electronic edition)

In this book, the author, playing in the field of concepts and methods of the natural sciences, explains his version of what Consciousness is and how it builds the Universes.

Nature Love and Dietary Alchemy (2018)

This book is written specifically for raw foodists to help them build a complete nutritional system based on Hot Enzymation.

Kulinarna Ksiega NATURY (2018)

Another collection of original author’s recipes of healthy food including hot enzymated meals.

Royal Food (2019)

Here is a thorough and detailed exposition of the Hot Enzymation method, and numerous recipes for cooking using enzymes are included– for cereals, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, dairy products, herbs, berries and even unripe fruits.
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